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Ribbon shirt designs should be as varied as the people ordering them. You may request the use of a solid coloured broadcloth, calico print or satin in any of our ribbon shirts. Here are a few ideas.

NKJ Native Originals will work with you to create your shirt from a picture or drawing if you desire.

Prices start at $125.00.

"The shirt is simply beautiful and the fit is perfect! We are both very happy and thank you so much."
Jan H. W., England

"I've never had a piece of clothing that fit so perfectly. It is exactly what I was looking for. Glad my searching led me to you."
Gary C., Indianapolis, IN

"Wow!!! Wholly jumpin' johoseafrazzle! Just what I envisioned it to be! The creator works through your hands, my sister!"
Little Wing

"Thank you for your beautiful work. They looked lovely on stage."
Costume Shop, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles

Love the shirts! Outstanding quality and design. Have had many compliments from my Native American friends. Many thanks Narda for a great product and the great personal service."
Steve L., Houston, TX

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